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In just less than a week, your kitchen can be transformed into the envy of the neighborhood — WITHOUT the mess and expense of new cabinets.

Hodgins Remodeling uses the highest quality wooden doors and laminates from Walz Craft Industries. A large sample selection of wood species and stains are available for you to choose from when you call us to schedule your free Kitchen Refacing estimate. We will bring samples to your home and provide you with a written proposal to insure that you understand all that is involved with your remodeling experience.

An average refacing job can be completed in less than a week, leaving you the time to coordinate other installations and decorating that may need to be done.

  • Remove and discard old doors, drawer fronts, hinges, trim and anything connected to the exterior of the cabinet.

  • Realign and readjust all cabinets to assure visual appeal and proper veneer bonding. You need a good, clean finish before proceeding to the next step.

  • Add/replace new cabinets (if required).

  • Bond wood or laminates to all exterior surfaces of the cabinets and new kickbases.

  • Install new doors, drawer fronts, concealed hinges and new trim as necessary.

  • Install new handles and knobs.